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This is the new IIDXfan.xyz. It's now sort of become a business website for my skills in hosting and designing websites. It used to be this fun and old looking webpage that was just for the purpose of hosting files and project pages, but now it's a whole new thing. During the year of 2019 the site recieved a major face lift but only on the landing and contact pages. Now this is the whole deal. I hope that you will enjoy the new IIDXfan as much as I do. 

Things I'm good at

Web Design

I'm great at designing websites and web applications.

Web Hosting

I'm great at securing and hosting the right domain for you at a reasonable price! Contact me for details and get your domain today!

Server/Hardware Management

I'm skilled in working with servers and PCs alike! Got any hardware problem? I can find and easy way to resolve it.

About me.

Hi, I'm Trenton, and this is my website and portfolio. I became addicted to HTML and CSS web design and coding back when I was in 4th grade. My teacher heard from my parents that I was into technology, and so he presented me Code Academy. It was a minimal platform at the time, with only HTML and CSS courses available, but it was cool and fun. It was hard at the time, but I tried harder and harder learning the languages. By the time I was in 5th grade, I had the ability to build a decent landing page at the time, but I had no way to host it. At the time, I knew a couple of softwares that would do the trick; Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services), Apache, and nginx. Due to my experience with Microsoft Windows, I went down the tumbling rabbit hole of IIS, and I still use it to this day. I've always liked it for many reasons, one of them being that it has a GUI, and I've pretty much always had a Windows server with the IIS Manager installed. Fun Fact! This page is currently being hosted on IIS with Windows Server 2019! To get my very first domain online, I decided to get a ddns domain from NoIP, and that domain was iidxfan.ddns.net. When I started, I had no server hardware, and only one desktop, so I installed Windows Server 2008 onto my old Lenovo ThinkPad T400. Fun Fact #2! It didn't go well. And bata bing bata boom, the website was up and running with like 5% uptime. I've moved on from that point in time, and I'm currently running my websites off of a decommissioned SuperMicro server from 2012 running Windows Server, and a decommissioned Dell server with a SuperMicro board in it. My servers currently have about a 100% uptime for the most part. Anyone who pays for an IIS site on my server gets a clustered page from both servers, meaning that if one goes down, the other one kicks in, and nobody notices a thing.


Here's a list of projects that I've completed. If they are still up, you can click the link!

  • Ralph Sipes and Ralph Sipes Tax Sale websites (2019-current)
  • Dean's Studios and World of Dean's (2015-current)
  • The Mr. King Soundboard (was a simple thing that was a good meme in class) (2017-2019)
  • The Zauth protocol (kinda failed project) (not by me but the the cool guy over at zzmines.ddns.net) (2016-2017) (hes trying to bring it back iirc)
  • The IIDXfan project (2010-IT WILL NEVER DIE!!!)
  • The Huelskamp & Associates Legal Team Website
  • Various PhPBB fourms

I'm sure there's more, just none on the top of my head.

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